‘Mario Kart’ Is Coming Smartphones And People Are Going Crazy

As of now, you would have to buy an expensive Nintendo Switch to have access to a portable Mario Kart game. Sometime around March 2019, that’s going to change for everyone because there will be no need for the 300$ switch when you can download the game directly to your cell phone. The game on our phones probably won’t be unbelievably sharp and crisp but it will be easily accessible.

I’m sure the game won’t be that terrible considering I still religiously play Mario Kart 64 which came out in 1996. Angry birds can kick rocks barefoot because Mario and the gang are coming through. Finally, there’s a chance to battle people all over the place to see who the best karter there is. Thank you, Nintendo this truly is a dream come true.

Obviously, people on Twitter cannot f*cking wait.