Mom Calls Gay Bar Looking For Advice About Her Son And She Wasn’t Let Down

Now and then we all could use some advice. If you asked me I’d usually say a bar probably isn’t the best place to find sound advice. It looks like I need to start hanging out in more gay bars. When a mother in Mississippi didn’t know where to turn after her son had come out to her, she decided to call a local bar that’s described as ‘an everybody bar but yes mostly gay.’ She was lucky enough to get in touch with an amazing bartender named Kara Coley. In Coley’s Facebook post she goes on to say “17 years of bartending in gay bars on the coast! That’s definitely a first for me!” Good thing for this caring mother that Coley is so wise and seems like she’s filled with nothing but a positive energy and a great spirit. You can’t really beat her incredibly dope advice-giving skills either.

Me: Good evening Thank you for calling Sipps!
Lady: on the phone: Is this a gay bar?
Me: well we are an everybody bar but yes mostly gay.
Lady: can I ask you a?
Me: sure
Lady: Are you Gay?
Lady: What was the one thing you wanted from your parents when you a came out?
Me: Umm