This Huge ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Spoiler Has Us All Completely Shocked

Naturally, after reading this for the past few months, we’ve been getting all jacked up. The Starks are back together and ready to defend their home. Since Season 1, for the most part, Winterfell has felt like a safe haven to avoid the nonsense going down in King’s landing. We left off season 7 with the remaining Stark siblings back together at their childhood home. Something about that felt safe about all of this; the north is usually a beacon of safety for the burly northerners because southern armies continuously have trouble dealing with the elements. So, if you thought the Starks were safe back at home you were very mistaken my friends because thanks to Watchers On The Wall we have seen this horrifying spoiler! Turn back now if you don’t want a part of season 8 to be ruined for you.

Spoiler Alert!!!!! Turn Back NOW!

Yup, that is our beloved Winterfell completely engulfed in flames. The Winterfell we know and love has essentially been burned to the ground, and it hurts! Now, we don’t know how the castle burned to the ground. It’s hard to tell with the pyromaniac queen to the south and the zombie ice dragon to the north. It’s anyone’s guess all we really know is that Winterfell is no more. Who knows maybe Jon Snow has a genius plan that calls for Winterfell to burn to the ground? Maybe Dany got upset she found out she’s carrying her nephew’s child? Anyone’s guess is as good as mine because we won’t know until 2019 at least!

No matter what caused Winterfell to burn to ashes, we won’t know for over a year which hurts to think about. I need to know now! Why does Kit Harrington have to plan his wedding mid-production? C’mon Kit I’m all for love, but you have to give the people what they want! You really know nothing Kit Harrington.