Emilia Clarke Opened Up About Season 8 Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ For The First Time And OMG We Can’t Wait

Since HBO officially announced 2018 will be a year without any Game of Thrones fans have been pretty bummed. There hasn’t been any good news in relation to the best show on television in months! Every fan of G.O.T. is skeptical about the shortened upcoming final season. They’re worried about what direction they plan on taking the story now that they’re well past George R.R. Martin’s books. During the Golden Globes obviously, the stars of the show were being berated with questions about what fans have in store for season 8. Since the show is no stranger to leaks, good thing the actors and actresses signed a contract which makes sure none of them share any spoilers!

In this interview, we see the mother of dragons herself get grilled on what the newest season has to come. Although Emilia Clarke does a great job of deflecting questions about the next season, the questions must get redundant. She keeps a smile and a sense of humor no matter what she was asked.  Even when she was being asked how she felt about Jon (Aegon) being the true heir to the throne she never faltered. The gorgeous actress simply laughed and answered in a very funny voice,

“Yeah, what’s up with that?”