This Huge ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Spoiler Has Us All Completely Shocked

Every week we hear that there’s a new spoiler or release date for Season 8 of the greatest show on television. Most of the time it’s just made up by fans or just an unbelievably underwhelming ‘spoiler.’ Well, if you don’t want to know about Season 8 turn back now! Like right now because this is undoubtedly the most significant spoiler we have gotten about the upcoming season. It sucks that we have to wait a year or two before we get to dive back into Westeros but after seeing this spoiler is it going to be a Westeros we recognize at all?

Sadly after stumbling across this insane spoiler it looks like one of our favorite places in the seven kingdoms is no more and it breaks my heart. If you’re one of the people, who follow the production of G.O.T’s I’m sure you are familiar with the Watchers on The Wall website. These fans give sneak peaks of anything Thrones related that’a being filmed around the world. The website had followed the construction of the new Winterfell for months and they report from (Moneyglass, Northern Ireland) where there has been a ton of shooting at night. They’ve bolstered Winterfell with a ton of new weapons! It doesn’t take Maester to figure out that a battle is going down in the north.