Peter Dinklage Leaked Some Major Season 7 Spoilers & We’re Freaking Out

Season 7 of HBO’s hit TV show Game of Thrones is literally around the corner from premiering and we’re so excited. Since Season 6 ended, we were left with a lot of unanswered questions – what’s going on with John Snow no longer being a “Snow?” How are things going to change now that Daenerys is in the big picture? What’s going on with the Lannisters?

While there are (EEK) only 9 more days left until Season 7 premiers on HBO, the actors in the hit TV series have been doing several interviews in the media – which means, of course, someone is going to slip up a little juicy tid-bit of information that we were waiting for.

Recently, Peter Dinklage – who plays Tyrion Lannister – spoke to TV Guide about what’s happening with his character on the show, now that he is working with Dany, the Mother of Dragons.

We were left in Season 6 with the final notion that Tyrion is going to be Dany’s newest advisor, which is crazy because she’s looking to grab the throne from his actual, blood family. But, what’s so bad about Tyrion working with Dany – besides the whole “blood is thicker than water” thing (in Game of Thrones, it’s not).

The biggest problem, it seems, is what Dinklage leaked to TV Guide saying:

“We’ll deal with how much Daenerys can trust him [to stay on her side against the Lannisters]. But he’s smitten with his employer. How good can he be at his job while having those feelings?”

That’s right – Tyrion has a huge love fest for his boss-lady, Daenerys. We’ve seen in the past how much Tyrion can be blinded by love and how much he loves – so, this can definitely stir the Game of Thrones pot.

My excitement just reached an all time high.