Game of Thrones Season 8 Episodes Will Be As Long As A Movie

Everyone is looking forward to the season 7 premier of Game of Thrones. Since the last season ended on a giant cliff hanger, people have been anxiously awaiting the return of HBO’s hit TV show to see WTF is going to happen between The Mother of Dragons, the Crazy Former Queen and the Bastard (who’s not even a Bastard anymore).

While everyone has been sad to learn that there will only be one more season of Game of Thrones – producers decided to break up the last season into two different ones. So, technically speaking, there are two more seasons left – except, they’ll be shorter than all of the prior ones.

Good news for Game of Thrones fans, however, is that season 8 – which will premier sometime in 2018 – will have longer episodes. I’m not just talking a few minutes – I’m talking 80 minute long episodes, which, is essentially as long as some movies.

Deadline reported this week:

While the number of episodes has shrunk, with seven slated for the upcoming season and just six for the yet-to-be-produced final batch, Season 8, the length will likely move toward feature range of 80-plus minutes next season, according to sound designer Paula Fairfield. She said Season 7 episodes will be their customary hour-long duration, but the finale of Season 7 clocks in at 82 minutes. In Season 8, the episodes could be in the 80-plus-minute range of a feature film, as series like Sherlock and Black Mirror have done.

So, get your popcorn ready and put on some comfortable sweats, because you’re in for one hell of a ride.