Ursala’s Head Fell Off During A Disney Ride And Now Those Kids Are Scarred For Life

Imagine being super excited to get on the Little Mermaid ride at Disney California’s Adventure Park and leaving with nightmares. That was the scene this weekend at one of the happiest places on earth because children left in tears after Ursala’s head had fallen off, but don’t worry she kept singing. From a child’s standpoint, I can understand this being terrifying but from my point of view, I just think it’s hysterical. Imagine being on the ride getting to see Ursala’s head fall off and kids spiral into terror. Does that make me a bad person? If so, I think I’ll live because I’m sure the scene was hilarious. Many parents were upset with Disney over the fact their kids were crying and upset but c’mon people! Just a little malfunction here it’s not like they did anything malicious.

People that were unfortunate enough to hop on the ride while Ursala was decapitated have tweeted saying children actually cried and I’m glad we have confirmation. I don’t want anyone having nightmares although it is still a little funny.

“The ride keeps moving so once we passed I stopped recording and the passengers in the back of us which had small children started crying out loud,”

It’s such a harmless thing that you have to laugh. I don’t think these kids are going to be psychologically messed up after this traumatic experience. I’m sure they forgot about it the second they hit the next ride. That’s the great thing about being a little kid you ain’t got no time for that kind of stuff, it’s just on to the next ride. I do feel bad for those little kids who were crying and had their experience ruined. I guess those kids were just a few “poor unfortunate souls.”