Mark Ruffalo Might Get Fired By Marvel After Accidentally Leaking ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ On A Live Stream

Who doesn’t love some Mark Ruffalo? He’s been winning our hearts ever since he played our beloved “Matty” in “13 going on 30.”

Well, now Mark currently plays Bruce Banner AKA The Hulk in the current Thor film series – in which, he’s a total badass.

So it only made sense for him to attend last night’s Los Angeles premiere for “Thor: Ragnarok.”

Everything was going pretty well, people were having fun, the cast even joked around with the press and blessed us with this epic selfie. How can that many hot men be in one photo? I don’t know.

Our Mark being the adorable man that he is decided to live stream the premiere for all the fans who couldn’t actually be there to attend the event and about 2,500 of us decided to join in on the fun.

But the fun ended as soon as he walked into the theater..or so we thought.