18 ‘Family Feud’ Answers That Will Never Not Be Funny

Most people think they’d do great on a game show. After all, when you watch a show like Family Feud at home, on TV, you can guess all the top and best answers well before anybody on the show does. That preternatural game show skill, plus the fact that you’ve got four supportive family members with you seems like a recipe for success. Yeah, except that actually being on a game show is an incredibly stressful, adrenaline-fueled, chaotic experience. Between the hot studio lights, 200 studio audience members staring at you, and Steve Harvey’s glorious mustache all up in your face, it’s quite easy to blurt out something stupid. Then it’s broadcast and captured by the internet for all of eternity. Here are some terrible and hilarious Family Feud answers that earned themselves a gigantic red “X.”

1. There’s always room for a bad answer.


2. Nice work if you can get it.

3. Here kitty, kitty…