12 Things Anyone With Anxiety Goes Through That Other People Just Don’t Understand

10. Over-analyzing any interaction.

Constant over-analyzation of the fear of potentially being wrong. People with anxiety usually analyze every conversation they have had to make sure that they didn’t mess up or say something that could be considered embarrassing. The amount of stress and pressure this constant over analyzing builds can be crippling for a person.

11. Forever feeling paranoid.

Some people are consistently planning and weighing out all the possibilities of how many things could go wrong.  Imagine thinking about how things could go wrong all the time. Just try to imagine how devastating this thought process can be. No matter how laid back the situation may be people with anxiety will tend to think about how all things could go wrong.

12. Being a member of the no sleep team.

People suffering from anxiety have to deal with some pretty erratic sleep patterns. These people are mentally overworked which leads to exhaustion because they’re constantly trying to catch back up on sleep. People whose sleep is affected by anxiety either sleep too often or have trouble sleeping at all.