12 Things Anyone With Anxiety Goes Through That Other People Just Don’t Understand

4. Even tiny mistakes feel huge.

Everyone makes mistakes, that’s just how life works. Most people use their mistakes to learn from and better themselves for the future. Some people may look at things a bit differently. If you’re suffering from anxiety, any small mistake can snowball in that person’s mind to something huge. They’ll continuously beat themselves up over minuscule mistakes.

5. The future constantly scares you.

No one knows what the future holds and of course that uncertainty can be scary. The thought of this uncertain future can cause a lot of anxiety and mental stress amongst people who deal with anxiety. The only constant that we know is that nothing will last forever. This causes to a severe amount of pressure for people with anxiety who find the uncertain terrifying.

6. Always making comparisons to other people.

People with anxiety tend to use others success as a benchmark for their own. They can’t help but compare themselves to other people. Since they’re focusing on others success, they tend to ignore their own which can be extremely unhealthy to the person.