12 Things Anyone With Anxiety Goes Through That Other People Just Don’t Understand

7. Being extremely self-conscious.

Social anxiety does not mean that people are on affected by a large social gathering. Many times having a one-on-one conversation with someone will be difficult. People suffering from anxiety will tend to believe and feel like all eyes are on them constantly and this comes with a lot of pressure. This can cause to more or less shutting down from meeting new people or even attending social gatherings.

8.  Constant feelings of guilt.

People with anxiety seem to feel guilty even when they aren’t at fault at all. Anytime something goes wrong, or things don’t work out as they were supposed to, people suffering from anxiety usually feel like it was all their fault, and they could have done something to change the outcome of a poor situation.

9. Hearing about anxiety is always scary.

If ever advised how to cope with anxiety people with anxiety will fixate on the said advice. Most people with anxiety will take other peoples opinion to heart and almost treat it as a medical profession had diagnosed them.