12 Things Anyone With Anxiety Goes Through That Other People Just Don’t Understand

If you don’t have then some of these things might sound foreign or even a bit strange. If you are dealing with anxiety then you know just how real these feelings are. It surprises me every time I get excited to go out but by the time to leave approaches I find myself in my bed. I think to myself all the negatives that come with me leaving my house, many of these scenarios are fabricated in my mind. The intense feeling of not wanting to attend a party that I knew I wanted to go to is all too real. It sounds crazy from the outside looking in but these feelings are as real as anything. It’s not because I’m too tired to go out, it’s imagining the awful things that COULD happen, they rarely do. Anyone dealing with anxiety hopefully this list can help you feel less isolated.

1. Isolating themselves from social events.

People with anxiety will seem like they aren’t interested in going out and meeting new people but that isn’t necessarily the whole story. These people want to join in on the fun but the constant over analyzing of their anxiety that causes them to decline such invitations. People dealing with this tend to be uncomfortable with holding a long conversation for fear of being judged. They do have the desire to want to go out and be social, but their crippling fear of interaction or confrontation is what prevents them.

2. Getting caught up in small details.

Those suffering from anxiety usually obsess over the smallest details. They obsess over the tiniest things going on around them. This leads to constantly believing something isn’t right in their world. The idea behind this fear is that they have done something wrong. This may lead them to continually ask questions like whether they are okay, whether they have done something wrong or if things are okay.

3. Exhaustion mentally.

Imagine questioning and analyzing every thought or word you have. Imagine doing the same with every word someone says to you. It’s exhausting! People with severe anxiety tend to sleep and stay in bed for long periods of time although their body is well rested. This is because they are exhausted mentally.