14 Women Reveal Their Favorite Ways To Get Themselves Off

7. Hannah, 35:

I like using hot oil or warming lube. It makes the experience even more intense and the orgasm feel 10x better. Try it.

8. Lucy, 28:

I used an electric toothbrush when I was younger since my parents were pretty strict. Like, if they ever found a sex toy in my room they’d freak out. My dad’s super religious. I’ve never grown out of the toothbrush stage. So, I just buy a new one every few months when I feel like it’s gross.

9. Stephanie, 24:

I’m not a fan of dildos, because I’m really not a vaginal-orgasm type of girl. I need clit stimulation to get off, so I use a small vibrator that has a remote. I like to put it in my underwear so I don’t really have to do much work and watch whatever I’m in the mood for.