14 Women Reveal Their Favorite Ways To Get Themselves Off

4. Stacey, 25:

When I was younger, I started masturbating at an early age…probably before I knew what masturbating was. It was because I discovered porn early on. Since then, I liked to use a back massager. It’s not too intense, but gives me the same feeling as a dildo (for less money).

5. Jackie, 33:

I like to actually move when I’m cumming, even if I’m not having sex. So, I use pillows, my blanket, a hoodie (anything for friction) and I’ll sit on my heels and move back and forth on top of it in a humping motion. Usually watching porn.

6. Kelly, 23:

I like to have something inside me, even when I’m getting myself off. I’ll put my dildo inside of me while I play with my clit.