50 Little White Lies That Have Evolved Into ‘This Is My Life Now’


In college my roommate and I had a KFC taco bell right by our apartment. We would go once or twice a week. One time we ordered and the drive through guy said “hey bro, you’re – i remember your car!” Since the name was the same as mine, I was like “hey man!” Apparently he thought we had both worked construction together – or he did with a guy who looked like me, drove the same car, and had the same name. Anyway, he ends up giving us our order to for free. From that day on, everytime we went to the taco bell – kfc, we got free food. He would even tell his coworkers to give us free food and would throw in comments like – “you remember steve, he was a real asshole”. I would agree and then accept my food. My roommate also apparently started getting free food even when I wasn’t there because he recognized him. Doppleganger me must of been a super nice guy, because I got a lot of love. I lived that wonderful lie for roughly 3-4 years to get the free gorditas and fried chicken. I even got a new friend on facebook. Worth it.


I told people at my former (American) university that I was Canadian, to get them to stop talking to me about U.S. politics. I hate confrontation and didn’t know how to just tell them that political discussion makes me uncomfortable.
Now I live in Canada and attend a Canadian university. I’m working towards citizenship.


I’ve been making EDM since I was 13, and in my senior year of High School I had the opportunity to play some of my music live with Ableton for my classmates at an event. But, because I couldn’t explain what I was doing in the space provided on the sign-up sheet I just put down “DJ”, thinking that nobody would be knowledgeable enough to know the difference. Apparently everybody liked it so much that the prom committee asked me to DJ prom, and like an idiot I said yes. I waited for my birthday, and made sure that nobody got me any gifts-just money, which I spent on software and a Mixtrack Pro. I learned how to DJ in three months, did prom, got payed 250$. I’m making decent money off of gigs now, and I do the prom every year.