50 Little White Lies That Have Evolved Into ‘This Is My Life Now’


Said I was a amateur boxer until a real fight popped off. guy was huge, I just put my hands up pretended I knew what I was doing, meanest face I could make. guy stood down, said “fuck that..you could tell he knows how to fight.” I signed up to my nearest boxing gym the next day. I actually love it!


I’d recently lost my friend Charlie and was blue about it for a while. One day going about my business I stopped in a coffee shop and when they asked for a name I gave them Charlie. This shop was near my work so I frequented it and every time I was Charlie, staff began getting familiar and greeting me whenever and one lady even asked if I ever go by Chuck. I do not. I still miss that damn dog ūüôĀ


Before finishing college I got a low level job in low level section of a very large company. My first boss liked me a lot, assumed I had finished college and recommended me for another job which I got. I did not mention college on my resume and the hiring manager assumed a college degree, given the referral. That repeated three times and now I am within the ranks of solid college grads from solid schools. I never finished and they all assume I have.