50 Little White Lies That Have Evolved Into ‘This Is My Life Now’


Back in High School, someone in my freshman English class thought he heard someone call me Louis, so he started calling me Louis. Not really a friend, just someone I spoke to on occasion. Now high school me thought he was just him trying to be funny, and didn’t care to correct him and he continued to call me Louis and whenever I heard him call for me I responded.
It wasn’t until our last week of senior year that he stops me in his tracks and goes. “Someone told me your name isn’t Louis. Is your name Louis?”
“I-I’ve been calling you Louis for 4 years! I thought that was your name!”


“You’re here for the copywriting position right?”
I was the only one in the waiting area… thought I was there for a design/art direction role. Within 15 minutes of the interview they offered me $2K to move and $45K starting salary a week before graduation.


My life, my dad’s lie.
He’s a GP in the US and had an older Indian man as a patient. While they were chatting, at some point my dad mentioned that his sister loved elephants and had a collection of figurines. The patient went back to India to visit family, and he brought back a couple small carved elephants to my dad to give to me. He’d misunderstood/misremembered and thought it was his daughter who collected elephants. My dad thought it was a one time thing, thanked him, and said I’d love them.
Turns out he went back to India every year. For ten years, I’d get a new elephant figurine whenever that patient had come back.