So Now People Are Vaping With Tide Pods And I’m Officially Done With 2018

So I’m sure everyone has heard that 2018 has been a year where people are deciding to eat tide pods. Like myself, I’m sure many of you thought it couldn’t possibly get worse. We should have known better folks. The stupidity bar has been set to a new height and I’m not sure if it can be topped. Then again I’m sure I’ll be proven wrong. A few years ago a toddler came across some of the pods and ate one. Since then Tide has taken numerous precautions to make sure no toddler ingests another pod. They’ve changed the packaging and even added a bitter film on the outside to prevent anyone from putting them in their mouth. It’s not working, in the first half of January in 2018, the American Association of Poison Control Center has dealt with over 40 cases of teenagers and older purposely eating these things!

Just so everyone knows that’s more cases than the entire year of 2016 and there are already more cases of these poisonings in 2 weeks. What a time to be alive, am I right? It’s not like Tide isn’t out here doing everything they can to warn and prevent people who aren’t toddlers not to eat these Tide Pods. Who would’ve thought the digression of the human race would happen so quickly? Tide’s even attacking social media with campaigns to prevent the ingestion of their pods. They’re doing all they can to warn teenagers and even adults not to eat Tide Pods. It seems the warnings continue to fall on deaf ears, unfortunately.

They even have Gronk on their side here. Rob Gronkowski isn’t necessarily known as someone who is the smartest. He’s known to make a questionable decision here and there. He is however extremely lovable and an absolute animal at the game of football. Bottomline is if you have Gronk telling you this isn’t a good idea I think it’s best you listen to the party boy. Seeing as how that’s not going to happen it looks like our only option is to cancel 2018.