Tide Finally Responded To All The People Eating Their ‘Tide Pods’ So, Listen Up

For some reason, kids on social media are eating Tide Pods. If you don’t know what a Tide Pod is, it’s a tiny plastic packet filled with laundry detergent. I don’t know why anyone would want to eat detergent, but apparently, kids will do anything on social media to go viral. Many news sources report that adults were eating Tide Pods accidentally–as those who suffer from dementia were unaware they were detergent and not candy (they’re colorful). But, kids? These kids should know better. So, where did it all begin?

Apparently, in 2013, there were already memes floating around the web about eating Tide Pods (thank God no one was doing it back then). But, in 2017, College Humor had a satirical video come out of a guy who really, really wanted to eat Tide Pods. Since the “Tide Pod Challenge” has taken off, College Humor even updated the video title AND description to tell everyone: DO NOT EAT TIDE PODS.

Now, kids are doing stupid, stupid challenges and making their friends eat (and even smoke) Tide Pods. Come on y’all. WHY?!?

Now, Tide is taking actions to prevent kids from eating more Tide Pods–AKA poison.