Here’s What Will Happen To Your Body If You Decide To Eat Tide Pods

If you’ve been paying attention to the internet or the news, then you’ve heard about tide pods. Not that they do an excellent job of keeping your clothes clean, oh no. That the human race has for some reason decided to start eating the detergent filled packs. I mean I get it, they strangely look delicious, but c’mon people! Every time I think well the human race can’t stray any further we collectively ask someone to hold our beer. It’s becoming an absolute viral sensation, there are memes, and I’ve even seen #tidepodchallenge. We have to do better.

Now, I know everyone thinks oh it’s probably just small children. Where are their parents?! Blah, blah, blah. Nope! According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, they’ve handled 39 cases of people intentionally ingesting laundry detergent in 2016 among people aged 13 to 19, 53 cases in 2017, and 39 in the first two weeks of 2018. We’re literally digressing; the end is probably near. It’s gotten so bad that Tide and US Consumer Product Safety Commission have had to release several warnings against eating these laundry detergent pods. 2018 what a time to be alive.

This “trend” or epidemic whatever you want to call it started gaining popularity late last year. Tide Pods is just another thing that should have been left in 2017. Before last year the majority of reports of people ingesting detergent pods were accidental and were children the age of 5. Tide even went as far as changing their packaging to prevent accidental ingestion from toddlers and such. Not teenagers and grown-ass adults looking for attention and likes. If you’re old enough to have drivers permit and operate a vehicle you should be smart enough to not eat pods filled with laundry detergent. I did a ton of exceptionally dumb things in my teenage years but let’s pull it together people.