Adults Are Eating Laundry Pods And The Internet Turned It Into A Meme

You guys know those super colorful swirly things that almost everyone has in their kitchen? No, I’m not talking about candy people, I’m talking about those laundry detergent pods. I could just be a strange human, but I’ve looked and them before and thought “well those look delicious.” Good thing I couldn’t afford them in college because who knows how many of them would turn into a late night snack. Now I no longer have to feel alone after the news broke that more adults are harmed by swallowing these detergent pods than children.

See! They do kind of look delicious; you can tell me they don’t look like some kind of awesome candy and I’ll call you a liar. Before you start to lose faith in humanity for munching on these bright detergent pods, keep this in mind. The stat seems to be inflated because a significant percent of the adults consuming these detergent packs are elderly folks with dementia just looking for a sweet snack. Nothing that looks this appetizing should be left near children or older folks with dementia that is for damn sure; the temptation is too high. Many people have gone on to joke that these tiny pods may just be the next massive drug epidemic we face as a country.

Since the internet is well, you know, the internet these bright laundry pods have become a primary source of humor. People are putting together some pretty incredible posts about this imminent detergent pod dilemma! From hysterical memes to just all around amazing jokes these little pods have taken the internet by storm, and we’re absolutely loving the results. Just remember to be careful next time you have to do the dishes although they look delicious, but they are dangerous! Even celebrities are admitting how delicious these things look!

Twitter is down with the pods!

It got to the point where one man decided to go as far as contacting Gushers about a new candy idea based on the delicious looking pods.

Not all heroes wear capes folks! Good luck looking at those tiny dish cleaners the same ever again. Remember if you’re looking for a snack and want to give into your sweet tooth just make sure it’s candy and not some cleaning supplies. Finally, keep them away from the elderly they seem to be more dangerous than the toddlers.