Girls Are Embracing Their Acne After Kendall Jenner Rocked Hers On The Red Carpet

Any woman knows that acne and pimples are just something we go through in life. In fact, it’s not just women. Teens and adults often times (both men and women) struggle with blemishes and breakouts that make them feel insecure and uncomfortable. Recently, Kendall Jenner was called out for walking the red carpet at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards with acne–although, it definitely wasn’t as bad as some of our breakouts–people expect celebs to always appear flawless.

Many people were inspired and touched to see Kendall walk with such confidence and pride (even with a breakout) at such a public event, and, they let her know on Twitter.

Kendall, of course, responded the best way possible.

Her confidence has now inspired women all over social media to begin embracing their acne and breakouts and going completely makeup-free on social media. It’s actually pretty amazing and inspirational to anyone who is insecure about their own breakouts.