Kendall Jenner Apparently Didn’t Tip A Bartender & Got Called The F*ck Out

If you’re in the Kardashian/Jenner family, you basically sh*t money. You have money coming from left, right, up, down – so much money, you probably use it to clean your face at night. But, apparently, having a whole lot of money doesn’t teach you how to use it properly.

Kendall Jenner recently went to Brooklyn restaurant “Baby’s All Right” for a quick drink in NYC and apparently, didn’t tip her bartender. So, the restaurant uploaded a photo of the receipt to Instagram so show – don’t worship people who are rude to their servers.

As someone who has bartended and waitressed for the majority of their life – f*ck that. No matter what, you always leave a tip. A lot of times, people who bartend/serve get paid less than minimum wage and make the majority of their money on tips. Not tipping is unfair, wrong and straight up rude.

Kendall Jenner was getting called the f*ck out all over social media for the photo and – people were angry.

But, Kendall caught wind of the drama and decided to speak up about her “no tip” scandal by saying:

But, Twitter users were still unhappy about her response because – back in 2014 – Kendall apparently threw money in a server’s face. So, of course, Twitter users confused the two incidents because any reason to jump on a Kardashian/Jenner for something is a valid reason.

So – did Kendall Jenner leave a tip in cash? Probably. Will Twitter let this slide? Definitely not.