People Think That Diddy Threw Shade At The Jenner Sisters, Again


Diddy has been caught in the fire when it comes to the Jenner sisters. Originally, Twitter had attacked him a few months ago for his “Diddy Crop,” in which he cropped both Kendall and Kylie Jenner out of a photo he was in with a bunch of his boys.

Now, people are calling the rapper and producer out again, because he mixed up the Jenner sisters completely. This week, Diddy invited people to his home for the screening of his new documentary, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: The Bad Boys Story and Kendall Jenner was amongst the group of people who were invited.

Of course, at any celeb event – even at their house – they have photo booths to commemorate the event and for people to share it all over the Internet. So, of course, Diddy hopped up in the booth with Kenny to get a little photo shoot done.

But, when posting the video to Instagram, Diddy totally tagged the wrong Jenner – accidentally tagging Kylie.

So, Twitter came in and attacked – hard.

Eventually, Diddy changed the tag and apologized to everyone who attacked him on Instagram:

And, Kendall seemed to be alright with it, too.


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