Guy Goes Completely Crazy Over Text After Being Rejected By A Girl He’s In Love With

It happens in life that we’ll fall in love with people who will ultimately not love us back in the same way. While it hurts to be rejected and it’s painful to realize not everyone is going to return the same emotional connection we have to them–it’s reality. Eventually, we do find someone (or a few people actually) in life that meet our emotional needs and wants, but, when we don’t, it’s best we accept this as fate and move on. Some people struggle with grasping reality and instead, try to figure out reasons as to why the person they love doesn’t love them back. While it’s confusing and we wish we had answers–it’s simply something we cannot control. But, what we should never do is blame, threaten, go off, or stalk the person we have feelings for, just because they don’t reciprocate those same feelings. Not okay, never, ever okay.

Imgur user  shared a series of text messages between her and a friend (who apparently saved her from drowning once). The texts, I’m warning you, will make you enraged and angry that any human would act this way–but, I guess rejection triggers the worst in people. Brace yourselves.

Oh don’t worry…it gets worse.