You’re Destroying Your Own Relationship By Using These Passive Aggressive Comments

4. “You would feel that way.”

You don’t want to make your partner feel wrong for feeling a certain way. You have to think of it this way if your partner said something like this to you in an argument would you be upset? The answer is most likely yes. This is because this is another one of those comments that can classify an individual. In this type of situation, it could classify your partner as something they are not. The way that a person feels in the heat of the moment is not the way that they really feel when all is calm and well. That is something to remember especially during a heated fight.

5. “Why do you always do things like that?”

Again, classifying. You don’t want to do this to your partner. You don’t want them to feel like everything they do is wrong because after hearing this so often they are going to start to believe it. Instead, you want to reverse it on yourself and say “It really upsets me when you do X, Y, and Z because…..” This will then make your partner take a step back and realize how their actions are directly affecting you and the relationship.

6. “It’s fine.”

Unless the situation and the argument is at a point where you are okay and you feel fine, don’t say it. This creates a situation filled with tension and sets yourself and your partner up for another fight in the near future, even if you don’t necessarily want to argue. If you’re not okay with something, don’t pretend to be.

7. “That’s just great.”

When you’re being passive aggressive in an argument, saying things you don’t mean can come off tripping hate and anger. Saying things like “it’s fine,” or “well, that’s just great” can make the situation much worse because you’re provoking each other. Instead of being sarcastic and passive aggressive, find ways to communicate your true feelings without insulting, baiting or taunting your significant other.