Katie Couric Finally Breaks Silence Over Matt Lauer’s Firing And Fans Aren’t Buying It

Many fans were quick to point out that in an interview in 2012 with “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen. In the interview clip, Cohen asks Katie Couric what’s one of the most annoying things Lauer does. She responded jokingly with

“He pinches me a on the ass a lot…”

That was in 2012 not the 50’s not sure how that was acceptable. Because of statements like these fans believe Couric had to have some knowledge of the allegations. I mean after working with Lauer for over a decade I’m sure you hear a few things. Although she claims she honestly had no idea of what kind of disgusting person her co-host was.

“The whole thing has been very painful for me. The accounts I’ve read and heard have been disturbing, distressing and disorienting and it’s completely unacceptable that any woman at the Today show experienced this kind of treatment,”

Couric is currently working on a new project which is a six-part National Geographic series based on woman’s harassment in the workplace. The idea is to continue to add to movement of putting an end to woman’s harassment in any form of workplace, not just Hollywood

“One of my Nat Geo episodes explores the various obstacles that are holding women back in Hollywood, Silicon Valley and beyond. I just interviewed Elisabeth Moss about this. Harassment is just one part of the equation,”

The number of fans unhappy with Couric’s lengthy time taken to respond to her former co-star’s horrifying allegations is kinda staggering. Many of them are accusing Couric of purposely turning a blind eye or even enabling the actions of Matt Lauer. I’m not sure that’s entirely fair, but I do agree it’s hard to believe after 15 years of working with someone that you don’t have a better idea of what kind of person they really are. Especially, if you consider this person to be as close as a ‘brother’ to you, like Couric had claimed. Either way, it’s safe to say fans weren’t buying her statements.

Matt Lauer is scum.

Regardless at this point, I don’t know why Couric is insisting on reiterating how kind and generous he was. Think about the victims, think about the woman who didn’t have the platform you did. Them speaking up against a scumbag like Matt Lauer could have ended with them losing their job. I don’t care how generous or kind he was to you that’s precisely what he is a scumbag. If you want to sit in front of cameras and swear you had no idea this man was capable of such atrocities that’s your cross to bear. I’m certainly not buying it, good riddance Matt Lauer.