The Best ‘Riverdale’ Fan Theories Of The Black Hood’s True Identity

‘Riverdale’ is a TV show packed with a number of different amazing storylines. Out of all the intriguing storylines going on obviously the identity of Black Hood is high up on our list. With all the clues given to us in season 2, it’s fun to speculate on who the masked shooter might be. (SPOILER ALERTS COMING YOUR WAY).

I don’t think I’m buying the whole janitor thing after dragging things out for nine episodes. I’m finding it hard to believe that this guy was living in the town for all these years and suddenly decided to go on a killing spree. I also find it hard to think he’d cut off his finger, and I feel like he was given to us as some type of throwaway character. Black Hood or Black Hoods as many fans have come to believe seems to be too meticulous to be this guy. Here are our top suspects for who Black Hood or Hoods may be!

Chic Cooper:

Chic Cooper better known as Betty’s long lost brother seems to be a pretty solid suspect in most fans’ minds. He is Alice Cooper and Hal Cooper’s unwanted child from their teenage years. Hal pushed for Alice to get an abortion immediately but she chose to allow the Silent Sisters to raise the baby boy as an adopted child.This theory revolves around the fact that one of Black Hood’s primary goals is to expose Alice’s southside past. This might be a way for him to get revenge on his parents for abandoning him as a baby. The Black Hood also seems to have some form of connection to our girl Betty Cooper since he continually reaches out to her and communicates with her. He eerily seems comfortable while speaking with Betty so we’ll have to see where this all goes.

Remember the scene where Betty goes to the house and puts the Black Hood’s mask on. The camera focuses in on Betty’s bright eyes in the hood, and they look pretty similar. Many fans believe this was a nod to who is under the hood and that they’re related to Betty. These ideas bring Chic Cooper who the CW has announced will be played by Hart Denton is high on our lists of suspects. Watch out for him to make his first appearance in Riverdale very soon!

Hal Cooper:

Riverdale’s picture-perfect family is not looking too hot in the eyes of fans right now. Like I’ve said a ton of fan theories revolve around the fact that there are multiple Black Hoods. Fans believe Hal may be involved in a group that is behind Black Hood. They believe there is one Hood who calls the shots and one who well, does the shootings. They believe Hal is no doubt apart of causing the terror in town.

This theory assumes that Hal is the Black Hood who consistently calls Betty and that would explain why he is so comfortable in calling her and manipulating her to help further his plan. Since the beginning of season 2, many fans have noticed that the father has become extremely controlling his wives secret abortion to demanding the same from his eldest daughter he seems to have an issue with control and have all the resources to manipulate Betty.

Penny Peabody:

Penny Peabody certainly seems to have the ability to mastermind an evil scheme. So why can’t she be the mastermind behind the Black Hood?  Because she is apparently The theory is that Penny is Betty’s actual biological mother as well as Alice’s half-sister. Penny is on a mission to prove that the Northside can’t cover up its true nature.  That it’s just as bad if not worse than the Southside, Penny wants revenge for Alice not allowing her daughter to grow up where they did.

The idea is that Penny watched Betty grow up from the shadows. This is how the hood knows intimate details about Betty’s life including her love for Nancy Drew books; it also explains why Betty is the focus of the hood. The idea is that Penny is somehow testing Betty’s loyalty from afar because she is looking for her biological daughter to take over the serpents.