Lili Reinhart Slammed Her Own Fans On Twitter And People Are Applauding Her

Actress Lili Reinhart has gotten a lot of press and media attention after she landed the role of Betty Cooper on The CW show “Riverdale.” While she totally kills it in the role of a good girl with a dark side Betty Cooper, off-screen Reinhart is just a normal, everyday woman living her life – like other celebrities. It seems as though sometimes people forget that celebrities are people who want to live their lives normally when they’re not working. Acting and doing other things in Hollywood are jobs – not full lifestyles. How would you feel if your boss was constantly calling you every minute of every day when you’re trying to have some time off when you’re not on the clock. You’d get annoyed, right? I mean, we’re not getting paid when we’re off the clock – so why should we be pestered when we’re trying to relax with our friends, family, and partners?

That’s basically how celebrities feel all of the time. When they’re not on set, they’re not really working or getting paid – so, when we pester them to sign autographs, take photos and say hi to us – we’re bothering them during their downtime. And, they don’t owe us that. Lili Reinhart felt that way when she caught fans taking photos of her while she was out to lunch by herself. And, she took to Twitter to speak out against her own fans. She posted on Twitter (and then deleted it) saying:

To the two girls who are repeatedly photographing me as I’m eating my lunch… I see you. You aren’t slick… that’s f***ing rude?????”

It is rude to take sneaky photos of celebs while they’re eating and doing their normal, everyday things. But, one person called Reinhart out on Twitter and said that if she didn’t want to be photographed, she shouldn’t be a celebrity. But, Reinhart clapped back, making a clear point that she is not Betty Cooper in real life.

She is absolutely right. Fans are not entitled to a person just because they play a character on a TV show. This isn’t the first celebrity on a popular show that has spoken out lately. Finn Wolfhard from “Stranger Things” also spoke out against fans bombarding him when he’s off. And, other people were standing by Reinhart on Twitter.