The Best ‘Riverdale’ Fan Theories Of The Black Hood’s True Identity

Sheriff Keller:

Many fans believe Black Hood is no other than Riverdale’s Sheriff Keller. This theory stems from the idea that the town’s lawman has seemed to be pretty laid back when it comes to the hood investigation. That is compared to how diligently he worked on Jason Blossom’s murder case last season. Fan’s also have a problem with him quickly jumping to the idea that Betty forged the letter from the hood instead of seriously taking a look at it as a good office of the would do!

Remember their latest episode when Archie’s being buried, and we all of a sudden hear police sirens. Woohoo! The back up has arrived! One question, who called the cops? How did Keller know where they were? If Keller somehow gets the janitor to bury Archie for him while he was actually planning on killing the janitor to avert any suspicion from himself. If there is some weird network of Black Hoods, I think Keller is a solid suspect to add to that list.

Tall Boy

When thinking of suspects F.P.’s right-hand man Tall Boy doesn’t seem like a likely suspect, but hey, these are fan theories. Tall Boy’s loyalty appears to lay with the serpents, but fans were keen to point out when looking at the two men side by side Tall Boy and the Black Hood have similar styles and body types so we can’t rule out good ole Tall Boy.

The two men who both would be no strangers to violence share the signature green eyes and have some suspiciously similar black leather jackets over a plaid shirt. Tall Boy’s loyalty to his gang may be his motive to throw on the hood. Since he is a Serpent and a loyal one at that. This could explain why he is so focused on revealing Alice’s past. He wants to expose her for who she really is to the Northside. He also wants to punish her for turning her back on their club.

Chuck Clayton

This one falls in the basket with the rest of our multiple hoods theories. Some of Riverdale’s fans may tie the comics into the shows. So many comics fans know the Black Hood wrote the cipher. That’s the code sent to Betty that leads her to a list of the hood’s victims. This opens up the idea that Chuck Clayton and a few of his football minions can be behind the attacks.

All which would have different jobs; the shooter, the one who wrote the letter, and one who contacted Betty to get in her head. Apparently, Chuck has substantial motive to want to torture Betty. Do we think this theory to be likely? Not necessarily. We don’t think Chuck is entirely innocent in all of this. Remember, he would do almost anything to get back at Betty.

Ethel Muggs

Now, I know Barb was the one who stole the show during season 1 of “Stranger Things” she left us begging us for more. Luckily we got it with Emmy-nominated actress Shannon Purser back and better than ever portraying Ethel Muggs in “Riverdale”. Ethel seems to be the shy, sweet, innocent teenager but we do know that she is tormented. She had that wicked look on her face when Evil Betty was drowning Chuck in the hot tub. They also make a point to mention she seems to have a love for horror films. Remember how Ethel called Archie and said she was attacked by the hood? They arrived, and he was gone, and Ethel seemed relatively unscathed. This isn’t a poor way to lead people further away from suspecting Ethel than ever before.

Ethel is not very popular and has no friend remember how stoked she was when Veronica was her buddy? Sadly, nothing gold can stay and their friendship quickly dissolved when Ethel discovered the truth about her father’s suicide. She learned that Veronica’s father was the reason her father committed suicide. So do you think it’s strange that Black Hood also made Betty cut ties with Veronica? Seems a bit childish for a serial killer don’t you think? Anyway, I don’t believe Ethel is the actual Black Hood. She indeed may be involved with some Riverdale network of people trying to prove a lesson to the sinners. Either way, we’re looking forward to the rest of Riverdale season 2 and finding out who Black Hood really is!