This Guy Listed All The Stuff Chicks Do After He Lived With Them For A Week And We’re Cracking Up

20-year-old University of London student Robbie Stowers recently learned what living with a woman is really all about. He recently went on a school ski trip (MUST BE NICE) to Tignes, France, where he was randomly paired with three (female) strangers named Charlotte, Abbie, and Fish.

Although Stowers had grown up with an older sister, he had never lived with women his own age. It worked out fine, the girls were super welcoming, and he always made sure to “cook and clean” and generally pitch in whenever the four would have dinner together.

They ended up getting close and since they were in such close quarters, Stowers got to see what life with a group of women was all about. “I am a naturally observant person and so very quickly picked up on the things that the girls were doing that boys do not,” he told BuzzFeed News.

And some of his observations were so spot on, it had girls dying. Like, for example, the universal truth that winged eyeliner is hella hard to apply:

Or the organized hair shower clump (or, the stick n’ swirl, as I like to call it):

“My stay during the week was wonderful. We ended up bonding incredibly well,” he said. His documentation of female group behavior won many accolades, and by ‘many accolades’ I mean 94K retweets and over 202K likes on Twitter. 

You’re certain to recognize many of them: