Anonymous People Share Super Dark Secrets They’ve Never Told Anyone

Some secrets you just can’t share with the people you know. Maybe it’s because you’ve held on to one for so long that just the thought of revealing it now is absolutely unthinkable, or maybe you cannot bear the thought of having a person you care about think differently of you. But sharing them can be a therapeutic experience, even if it is anonymously, and with strangers on the Internet. So when one AskReddit thread posited, What’s a secret you won’t share with anyone in person, but you are willing to share anonymously? it was no surprise that many shared their experiences, anonymously and from throwaway accounts.

TRIGGER WARNING: Some of these stories are super intense and contain explicit sexual themes. Proceed at your own risk.


Ate a huge sub at subway, on my way out I let out a massive fart. I then drove to a gas station, I got out of my car and some old lady quickly parks her car behind me and angrily slams her car door, comes up to my face and starts screaming “Just who do you think you are? Farting in my face like that, your lucky I didn’t calls the cops on you!” She writes down my license plate number and drives off fast. I stood there confused for like 5 mins. I never told this to anyone.


There is a snake that lives in the wall along the stairs leading to my basement. He has his area, and I have mine, and we respect each other’s space.


The first time I did acid I was by myself and ended up masturbating into an old mostly empty chocolate whey protein tub. I also pissed in it afterwards because I was too afraid to walk downstairs to the bathroom tripping as hard as I was. I also forgot about it in my closet for a year and rediscovered it totally unaware of what was inside and I opened and smelled the contents. Worst smell you can possibly imagine.


I don’t really want to be with my girlfriend romantically, but she’s my best friend, and I don’t want to lose her from my life, so I won’t break it off.


I’m the reason my cousin is mentally handicapped.

We are the same age, and when we were 7 our grandpa bought dirt bikes for us. Well we decided to make our own trail in the woods, took the entire summer. I put this tree branch purposely at roughly head level, just so he could duck under it and it would look awesome.

The branch was heavy, but I was able to sit it conveniently between two trees. He was more brave than me, so he went first.

Being dumb kids, we didn’t wear helmets.

I yelled for him to duck, but he didn’t and hit his head on the branch, got knocked backwards and hit his head again straight into the ground.

I told everyone it was an accident. Grandpa sold the dirt bikes, I didn’t see my cousin a whole lot after that.

That was nearly 25 years ago. I see him every Christmas, and it’s always the same. In a wheelchair, being spoon fed by his mom. He can’t speak, he likes to draw funny shapes.

He most likely doesn’t remember the incident, and I don’t know if he remembers me.

But that’s what haunts me.