Taco Bell Just Unveiled French Fry Packed Burritos So They Can Just Take All My Money Now

But, because Taco Bell is out here trying to regain our love and trust back after they were pretty much ditched for Chipotle they’ve come around to give us some decent options. Get this, there are actually quite a few versions of the new California Loaded Fries Burrito being tested. We have the original California style, Chipotle-style which consists of an addition of creamy chipotle sauce in replacement of guac and finally the Supreme which does not have any guac whatsoever. Well, I guess we just have to wait and see once they wrap up…pun intended.

It seems as though people on Twitter aren’t as hyped about the new mix, seeing as other places on the West Coast have been doing it for quite some time.

Leave it to Californians to be angry they put something delicious on the map. As for me, I’ll be waiting with my money ready to try this bad boy. What about you?