16 People Confess The Most Embarrassing Things They’ve Ever Done For Love And Damn, They’re Pretty Bad

11. carinas45e6790e2:

My junior year of high school I had a really huge crush on this guy and we finally had a class together (chemistry…duh). Unfortunately my schedule had an issue and to resolve it I would have to switch out of our chemistry class. I told my counselor that wasn’t an option and basically forced him to allow me to take honors precalculus to fix it. I almost failed both chemistry and precalc… and the guy got a girlfriend

12. NerdyBuzz:

I don’t know if this is embarrassing but my boyfriend and i would always exchange gifts to each other randomly (We tell each other when we’re getting the other a present. so one time he had gotten me this giant bear without telling me and instead of having someone in my family come pick it up and take it home. He wanted me to carry it around everywhere knowing that this bear was almost as tall as me so it would’ve been very awkward just carrying around something that almost touched the floor and covered part of your face. i endured comments about my height and how i looked carrying around such a big bear. I was super embarrassed about the attention i was getting from everyone but i loved him too much to ever say no to his request.

13. emgood22:

I invited myself to his huge family halloween party and it was not what I expected it to be. The second I walked in I was totally overwhelmed. I was one of the few sober people and it was just bad. I have never really gone to a party where there was drinking or smoking. This was just really bad. Me and my friend dressed up as Meredith and Christina from Greys Anatomy and we showed up in actual scrubs. We walked in and all the girls were in cute slutty costumes and it was very much like Cady from Mean Girls. I look back at it and totally regret it. I had such a big crush on him and at the time we were only okay friends. It was weird that I totally invited myself to that. This picture was at the party and everyone was totally plastered! It wasn’t too fun!

14. Jessica O’hEchain Hawkins:

I wrote this love letter to the new guy in school one year. I had it in my locker and I was gonna just throw it away because Ive always had MAJOR social anxiety, but when I went to get it it was gone. Unbeknownst to me, my “friends” had gotten it and gave it to him. I walked down the hall wondering where it couldve gone when I saw a crowd of people laughing really hard. I went to see what was going on and the guy was reading my letter to my whole class. The guy standing next to him pointed at me and everyone looked and roared in laughter. I ran down the hall and hid in the bathroom crying.

15. Catherine Frederick:

I was in puppy love with a senior varsity baseball player in high school. I was a freshman and had started school quite overweight. I was mistakenly enrolled into 7th period P.E., which was meant for athletes to hold practice hours during school. This was not meant for folks of my, then, physical caliber, but I asked to stay. The coaches agreed and I was rotated to train with one of the teams every few weeks. I first trained with the baseball crew and was terrified of my body and how I might be received. They were all very kind to me, but one senior was particularly encouraging. I began to crush on him and fell into a 9th grade version of puppy love (from my end). I was stupidly innocent and what some may now call adorkable. The baseball player was also a thespian and earned a star role that year. I decided to volunteer as an usher so that I coud watch the show and be supportive. At the end, during his bows, I went up alongside the stage with a huge bouqet of roses, in front of the entire auditorium. My face was red, body was shaking, and I stuttered a quick remark because I was stupidly nervous. He and others could have easily been cruel, but he graciously accepted and thanked me in front of his audience. As he went to hug me, my stomach filled with butterflies, the first time I had experienced such feeings. I am fond of this memory and am amazed at how confident my execution had been, despite my utter embarrassment.

16. Cat Alle:

My sister decided to dress up as Catwoman to impress this guy she had a serious crush on at a fancy dress party. The Catwoman suit from a third-party seller at Amazon was late as it arrived just six hours before the party. It was a one-piece suit with a long zip in the front. A bit like a surfer suit, but in black latex-like rubber with painted-on stitches. She pulled it up, but it got stuck at her thighs. She now knows she should have gone up one size when ordering a product from the overseas.

So me and two other sisters spent an hour on shoving her into the suit with a lot of help from baby oil. We were almost succeeding when she said “Wait, wait. I need the loo!” We spent five minutes yanking it down to her ankles. She waddled to the loo, did her business and waddled back to us. We oiled up her legs and hips, which did make it easier to pull it up. It wouldn’t go over her knickers, so she told us to go ahead and cut it off her as she’d go commando in this suit.

Finally she was fully fitted. She looked good. Even more so in heels. The problem? Her inner thights squeaked when she walked. One sister oiled that part. Problem solved. Then she left for the party. About two hours later, she called and asked us to collect her from the party IMMEDIATELY. Oldest sister hurriedly left to pick her up.

When they returned, oldest sister fell through the front door, laughing like a loon. Sis ran past her while screaming “It’s NOT funny!” and ran upstairs and slammed her bedroom door shut. Oldest sister calmed down and told us what Sis told her:

Not only the squeaking came back shortly after she arrived at the party, she was bending over to pick up a drink when the bottom of her suit split open, revealing her bare arse to all guys on the sofa behind her.

She was so embarrassed that she ran out of the house and hid behind a rubbish bin until oldest sister’s car turned up. And the ultimate salt on her wound? The guy she liked turned up at the party with a spanking new girlfriend.