16 People Confess The Most Embarrassing Things They’ve Ever Done For Love And Damn, They’re Pretty Bad

6. ajr77006:

My then boyfriend went to prison for 9 months one morning without telling me he had court. I worked two jobs and did my best at keeping all our bills in check and sent him monies twice a month and drove 100 miles one way to visit him every weekend. I was a Good Christian Belle and waited for him to get out. Fast Forward to 3 months after he gets out of prison and had moved us to (bleep) so he could be closer to his family he starts cheating. He contracted an STD and then one of his side pieces drove into my car twice and totaled it. He got arrested again and the car I helped pay on got repossessed. Yeah, love makes you blind and stupid that way.

7. diyam488849bdd:

I guy I liked in high school once got in an argument with his dad and ran away – he was 17. He had his own car, his car keys, and a license yet he chose to PHYSICALLY run away from home!!!!! And he called me to come save him (via twitter from someone else’s phone) and I was taken aback that he chose to ask me to come save him that I actually drove to go pick him up. I was in such a rush I took the tollway and didn’t even have a toll tag. I pull up at the Starbucks where he was and he sprints to my car and gets in and just yells at me to drive and running right behind him is his DAD who then stood behind my car so I couldn’t back out

8. lpaigenyc:

I had a major crush on a coworker. He was sweet and nice but never treated me as anything more than a colleague. Every year our company would hold a huge NYE holiday bash. It was black tie, open bar, you name it, they had it. They hired videographers and photographers who would go around taking video and photos which were broadcast on a huge screen at the end. I was drunk on champagne and confessed to a friend of how I was in love with our coworker and that I lusted over him. I said my New Year’s Eve resolution was to seduce him. Little did I know this was captured on video and displayed at the end for my entire company’s viewing pleasure and my absolute horrification. What was worse was the video immediately after mine was of him wishing his fiancé a happy news years as she was abroad visiting family. Took me a long time to live that down!

9. natasham12:

The day I graduated college and moved back across the country to be with my family, I called my friend with benefits crying from the airport and told him I loved him. He…did not feel the same. It turns out the stress of graduating and starting my adult life caused me to think I was a rom com heroine. Everyone else at gate just thought I was crazy. Mortifying.

10. ashurhunter:

We had an off and on f*ck buddy relationship for a few years and I LOVED him bc he took my virginity. Fickle thing that is BTW. And so I just knew he was the one even though I was 16 and he was 19 (leave the age comments out) and I had told him one evening in what I can only remember as being a pure Disney princess moment (fault of growing up in the the 90s and early 00s) you know the ones, arm over head crying bc life is just so tough for you, but managing to keep your makeup nice, and flopped out on the bed. I told him that I didn’t care who I met or who loved me that he could walk up to me on my wedding day at the alter and I ALWAYS chose him. LOL we didn’t last. Thank God idk if that was better for me or him.