22 Thoughts Everyone Has When They Go Through A Quarter-Life Crisis

I’m turning 25 later this month and the feeling of a quarter-life crisis is alive and well. How is this already happening? How am I entering my mid-twenties? I never thought this day would come and somehow, it’s almost here. I cannot be turning 25. 25-year-olds are adults who don’t still live with their mom; they have boyfriends and go on weekend trips and have their life together. Aren’t 25-year-olds supposed to have it all figured out? That simply cannot be true because I definitely do not have everything figured out and yet, here we are.

1. It’s finally the year you turn 25 years old.

2. You start to think about the things you wanted to do by 25, like have a real relationship or your dream job.

3. Yet you sit in bed and wonder where it all went wrong.

4. You start to look back at the past few years after college and feel like you haven’t accomplished anything of substance.

5. You realize that your parents were married and had YOU when they were 25-years-old.