Kylie Jenner Celebrated Her 21st Birthday Despite Family Drama

Want to feel old? Kylie Jenner is 21. The little girl we watch grow up on TV, who was dating a 26-year-old Tyga in her teens (unofficially), who has her own media empire, a wildly successful makeup company, and a child, if finally an adult who can buy alcohol. Hmm, actually I can’t believe she’s only 21. How has Kylie done so much in so little time? I know the answer is “money,” but it’s still a lot. She’s burned through most of the big milestones before she could even legally order a cocktail. What’s left?

Well, Kylie Jenner still has parties. She’s taking her millions and putting them towards properly celebrating her life and she’s got plenty of fellow rich and successful people willing to join her. For this b-day, Kylie went all out. She started by sharing a photo shoot with her daughter, Stormi. Though it seems like the Kardashian family shares everything, Kylie doesn’t actually post that many pics of her baby, so this is a treat for all of us:

Great, get the baby stuff out of the way. Now let’s get back to what everyone really wants to know: who was there, what’s the goss?! First of all, Bella Hadid and former (?) lover The Weeknd appeared in photos together. Yes, of course there was a photo booth:

And all the Kardashian and Jenner ladies were there, despite their recent public feuds. They’re flipping the bird at the camera, but it may just be a way of redirecting all the aggressive energy in the room:


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It was unclear if Kourtney would even show up, though Kim reassured followers that she’s be there. She just didn’t include her in the photo about getting ready for the night. Not that that means anything. Or does it?

But any residual anger didn’t stop the girls from getting dressed up. Look at these outfits:

a bunch of baddies ????????‍♀️ we’re 21 today

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That’s just Kylie’s back up look, she also had this sparkling, strapless onesie. It looks like a nightmare to take off to pee, but very good otherwise:

twenty one

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The family pulled it together to celebrate Kylie, and she pulled together a great outfit. What else can Kylie Jenner do in this life?