22 Thoughts Everyone Has When They Go Through A Quarter-Life Crisis

11. You find yourself saying “kids these days” unironically.

12. The idea of being out past 1 a.m. disgusts you and if it happens, you are thoroughly confused.

13. There is a new social media platform that you have no clue how to use.

14. Someone on your Facebook page is engaged and it doesn’t completely repulse you because you’re at an age where that is now acceptable.

15. Nostalgia is a feeling you experience frequently; simpler, happier times when you were young and vibrant.

16. You begin to question every life decision ever made.

17. It’s finally your birthday month & people start asking how you’re going to celebrate a quarter of a century.

18. When the day finally comes, you have a good cry and then put your big girl panties on and drink like you’re 21.

19. You realize the ‘quarter life crisis’ you had when you graduated college is nothing compared to this.

20. You wish you could turn back the clock and go back 5 years.

21. Your older friends are there for you because they’ve been through it all before.

22. However, you’re thankful AF that you still have 5 more years until you turn 30 and your life is really over.