Woman Accidentally Added To Sexist Guys’ Group Chat About Her, So She Put It On Facebook

A 22-year-old law student at Melbourne University was mortified after her peers accidentally added her to an outrageous group chat objectifying her.

The men added Eleanor Henry to their message thread apparently by mistake and quickly removed her, but they didn’t realize that she could still access everything they had said up to that point.

What she saw was more than enough to make her shudder in horror and take to Facebook to make herself heard.

Let’s all wave hello to my fellow peers at Melbourne University. This is why I’ll die a feminist. It’s 2016.. Let’s get back to that conversation on equality.

Oh and for those asking, they accidentally added me to their chat group without realizing I could read everything prior.

Henry told the Daily Mail Australia she wouldn’t “publicly name and shame the men.”

Her restraint, and compassion, is even more impressive considering what they wrote.