Woman Accidentally Added To Sexist Guys’ Group Chat About Her, So She Put It On Facebook

All that and they also said, “Bring her to Thailand. We need a bike.”

“Aside from this contact, I have never really engaged with them on a social level,” Henry told the Daily Mail. “The other two boys in the chat,” she explained, she had never even met before.

After feeling physically sick reading the messages, Henry’s sister suggested she expose the “kind of rape culture” in the messages by posting them to Facebook.

Apparently after Henry posted the messages, one of the men involved begged her to take them down:

On her decision not to name the people involved, Henry explained “it’s not particularly relevant in achieving the outcome I wish to pursue on a larger scale, which ultimately is to bring awareness about the issue and have people understand that it should not be merely written off as ‘boys being boys.'”

Just more proof that locker room talk has nothing to do with the locker room.

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