This Pasta-Straining ‘Hack’ Is Causing Major Twitter Drama

The Internet in general and Twitter specifically has a way of forcing us to question just about everything in our lives. Is the dress blue and black or white and gold? (Blue and black.) Is Papa John’s seriously the new official pizza of neo-Nazis? (Yes.) Did a rogue Twitter employee actually shut down the Twitter account of arguably the most powerful man in the world? (Also yes.)

Now we’ve got a whole new situation on our hands, and that situation is: Have you been straining pasta incorrectly your entire life? In other words, have you not been straining your pasta via the method demonstrated by this photograph?

In a series of photos posted to Facebook, the hands donning that wonderful watch strap clearly show that one does not need to even remove the pasta from its home in the pot. By inverting the strainer, dumping the hot water into the sink is a mere two-step process rather than a three-step process, potentially saving you, like, 15 seconds of your meal prep.

When Twitter user @Daibellaaa “spazzed” over this technique after seeing it on Facebook, the rest of Twitter quickly decided to spazz right along with her.

Some on Twitter seemingly had their minds completely blown over this colander revelation.

Others refused to accept these heretic pasta-straining techniques:

Some just had unanswered questions.

And we had some questions of our own. Namely, is it a strainer or a colander? What happens if said strainer/colander does not fit snugly inside the pot opening? And, most importantly, where did this man get his delightful watch?

Asking the important questions.