These Holiday Male Rompers Are The New ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’

Joy to the world, the holiday Romphim is here! Ya, that’s right ladies, this holiday season, you won’t just be making out with dudes in ugly reindeer sweaters, but also trendsetting men in rompers. The college fraternities and hordes of grown ass men attending Santacon are going to have a field day with this new must-have getup. Let’s call this: Jingle Hell, Jingle Hell, Jingle HELL THE WAY.

Can’t you just picture it? It’s 28 degrees out, and a clique of men will storm into the bar, wearing nothing but their Romphim and Timberland boots. It’s freezing out, their balls are frozen together — because, after all, a Romphim is basically just a t-shirt and shorts stitched together. But braving the ice-cold temperatures to flaunt a Romphim is totally worth it (and all the Insta likes).

Let’s take a look at the at all the fashion-forward holiday Romphims the 2017 elves stitched up for the fellers this year. Maybe you can pick one up for your dad, brother, tinder match….or maybe, you can just laugh at them. I mean, it definitely takes a certain dude to pull this off, but hey, it could be sexy? And it’s and only one piece so you can easily rip the dang thing off him and effortlessly find his South Pole. Happy holidays!

Note: these Romphims are all produced by Get On Fleek, and retail for $139.99, but are currently on sale for $99.00.

1. Santa Romphim:



Oooh Zaddy! I mean of all the Romphims, this is hands down the best one. If I was going to scope out a cutie at a holiday party, it would be the bruh in the Santa Claus Romphim. Santa attire is a classic.

2. Christmas Light Romphim:



This kinda looks like a wrapping paper. Before you sleep with him, make you sure you touch him to see if his Romphim is made of fabric or is a Walgreens wrapping paper knockoff.

3. It’s Lit Romphim:


I like this one. It makes it easy to spot all the Jewish cuties fast and easy. Plus, you can ask him if you can spin his dreidel.

4. Elf Romphim

Cute, but no. Did Santa let you take the night off from making toys to the party? And ladies, do you really want to be the girl who made out with the elf at the party? NEXT.