11 Things Celebrities Do That Us Normal People Can’t Get Away With

Being a celebrity is a specific privilege that most of us would love to have. I’m sure all of us have a fantasy of what it would be like to have endless money and adoring fans. I’d probably travel anywhere I felt like going because, well, I can. It’s also a ton of work to be a celeb and makes it hard to be normal. You have eyes on you all the time, but you also have access to more than your average Joe.  From red carpets to private jets, there are some luxuries that us normal people will never know. These are some of the things celebrities can do that most of us probably never will.

1. Using Twitter as Google.

Celebs often ask questions on Twitter that us average folks typically just take to Google to find answers to. Cher is seen doing this often, but Cher is an icon, so we allow it. You would think with all those resources they would also be able to utilize the one that can give you literally every answer, but why do that when your millions of followers can give you the answer instead? I’ll never know this kind of use of social media. If I ask a question on Twitter, the only response I get is from a bot.

2. Posing with 100 cars in your driveway.

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I have one car. It is 12-years-old and not glam at all. Most people are lucky to have even one car, but celebs seem to have a rule that one is too little. The youngest Jenner is often seen posing with new car after new car. There are FIVE in that photo alone. Normal people probably will never know what it’s like to have five very expensive cars at one time.

3. Roller skating through Barney’s.

You'll never guess what I've been up to tonight @barneysnyofficial ! Xvb

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Have you ever wanted to rollerskate through a department store? Oh, you never really thought about doing that, but now that you are thinking about it, it does sound pretty fun? Same. I didn’t know it was something I wanted to do until I saw Victoria Beckham doing it.

4. Using cash as a blanket.

Just woke up and can't sleep and missing my girl @khloekardashian

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If a normal person has a pile of cash, they’re probably going to put it in the bank. If you’re a Kardashian, you use it to keep warm during your afternoon nap. The only thing that makes me feel better about this is the fact that they used one dollar bills.

5. Or using cash as a phone.

Hello, peasant's is that u? #fucku

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Not only is “Lord Disick” using a phone as cash, he chose to use the word “peasant” in his caption just add insult to injury. Only truly famous people can get away with being so douchey. I also do not know a single person who would ask to be referred to as “lord.” It’s so over the top and so insane, that only a famous person could do this.

6. Taking a private jet like it’s an Uber.

✈️✈️ @jordynwoods

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Most of us mere mortals have to call an Uber or a Lyft if we want to get somewhere without driving ourselves. I mean, if you’re anything like me, you opt for a an Uber pool or Lyft line to save a few bucks and sit in a car with strangers. Famous people know nothing of that life because they can just hail a private jet to get wherever it is they want to go. I mean, maybe if I sold an organ I could also do this, but is that really worth it?

7. Building a mini mansion for your dog.

Chilling with my @HiltonPets in their #DoggyMansion???????

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Pet owners are usually obsessed with their pets and want to give them the best life possible. To me, this means I give my dog an extra treat every once in a while and take her on lots of walks. An extra special treat is a trip to the dog park. If you’re Paris Hilton, it means building a small mansion for your pup that even I would like to live in. Do we think this dog knows how lucky it is? I mean, I sure hope they’re soaking up every moment of the life of the rich and famous. I’d honestly be okay switching lives with this pup.

8. Having an entire closet for just your fitness gear.

Khloé Kardashian got into fitness and then made it her ~thing~. I have a few workout clothes that take up half of drawer in my dresser. Our girl Khlomoney has an ENTIRE CLOSET dedicated to her workout gear. How many pairs of leggings does one really need? Has she heard of a washer? I don’t know the answers, but she has a closet bigger than my entire apartment for clothing used just to get sweaty in. I mean…what!?

9. Or, having an entire closet just for shoes.

Always my favorite room in the house… #shoes #shoes #moreshoes ?

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Similarly, Mariah Carey has a closet just for shoes. Actually, calling it a closet is probably an insult. It’s actually a room. An entire room dedicated to shoes. My shoes are all thrown in the bottom of my closet and I usually have to crawl into the tiny space to find the matches. I can get down with shoes more than workout gear, but still. This is absolutely extra in every single way, but I respect it.

10. Riding the Subway in a ballgown.

Glimpses of our joyride on the 1 train #subwayincouture

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Anyone who has ever ridden on the subway knows it is not glamorous in any way. It’s essentially an underground tube of sweaty people, weird smells and claustrophobia. I wouldn’t take the subway for a joyride and I think most people wouldn’t take it wearing a ballgown unless you wanted a weird substance to get on the bottom of said gown. If you’re famous, it’s a cute civilian thing to do. Let’s take the subway like the normal people! How fun! I guess it’s fun if you don’t spend every single day using it to get around.

11. Or, wearing a ballgown to the park.

Sinking into the rubber mats…lol

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I’m not sure what it is with Mariah Carey, but the woman enjoys wearing ballgowns in places where ballgowns are completely unnecessary. I guess if I had all the money in the world, I’d be extra, too. Swinging your kids in couture and heels is something only famous people would be caught doing. If I even had a ballgown, I’d probably never wear it for fear of ruining it, much less wear it to the park. There’s just some things we normal people will never know. Maybe it’s for the best, though. We can’t all be rich, famous and fabulous. Well, maybe we can still be fabulous.