11 Celebrity Instagrams That Show How Much Freaking Work Goes Into Preparing For The Emmys

Last night’s Emmy Awards were packed with fun, viral moments. From the red carpet looks, to the epic wins, to Sean Spicer walking out on stage and leaving Melissa McCarthy straight up shook:

It was a night to remember. For at least a couple more hours before we move on to things like the Golden Globes, The Oscars, and the rest of our lives. As fun as the Emmys are to watch, though, being there is apparently a lot of work. Especially if you’re an actress who has to trim, primp, and squeeze your way into your award show look.

Just take a look at these backstage, pre-Emmy Instagrams from your favorite celebs:

1. Julia Louis Dreyfus sneaking in a pair of flip flops.

2. Elisabeth Moss doing very normal things.

3. Felicity Huffman getting zipped.

4. Oprah doing the “nail and feet thang.”

5. Reese Witherspoon’s last minute toast.