33 Thoughts Everyone Has While Stalking Their Ex On Social Media

21. This is officially the lowest moment of my life.

22. I haven’t checked his Facebook in a while, though. I wonder what terrible memes this new girl tags him in.

23. Oh wow, they’re Facebook official. Who even does that anymore?

24. A recipe to cook together. We used to cook together.

25. These memes aren’t funny. I mean, not everyone can have a *kisses fingers* eloquent taste in memes like I do.

26. Okay, I think I went too deep.

27. My phone is dying and so am I. I don’t even like him.

28. I’m the one who broke up with him! Why do I care that he moved on!?

29. Wait a second … I really don’t care. I don’t care at all.

30. Why did even waste my time doing this?

31. I honestly hope they’re happy together.

32. Ugh, that was exhausting. I’m treating myself and ordering Postmates.

33. I deserve it.