33 Thoughts Everyone Has While Stalking Their Ex On Social Media

11. They met at work!?

12. I wonder how funny it would be if I just showed up there one day. Would that be insane?

13. That’s definitely insane. I wouldn’t actually do that, but wouldn’t it be funny?

14. Oh wow, she hits the gym pretty hard. I should stop doing this and go work out.

15. Aw her dog is so cute! I want to get my pup a sweater like that.

16. She posts a lot of selfies. She must be really insecure. Or really confident …

17. Why do I even care?

18. I should post more often so that people who stalk me know exactly everything about my life down to what I had for breakfast this morning.

19. LOL JK I would never. No one cares and that’s not my #brand.

*Scroll, scroll, scroll*

Your phone starts to freeze up, which feels like a sign this needs to stop, but you haven’t checked out your ex’s tagged photos and if you’re anything, it’s through. You click the tagged pics and press twice because of your shitty phone and YOU’VE NOW COMMITTED THE MORTAL SOCIAL MEDIA SIN. YOU HAVE ACCIDENTLY LIKED THE PHOTO.

You “unlike” it as quickly as you can, but you already know the damage is done.

20. Does he have notifications on? I don’t know anything about him anymore! Did he see it? Will he see it?