18 People Share The Exact Moment They Knew Their Marriage Was Over

16. From user emodius

Ex wife said “You should get a second job”. I’m like, “Bitch, you should get a first job”.

17. From user DidymusNoble

My dad left a passive aggressive note about not leaving a can of cat food in the fridge. My Mom confronted him about the tone of the note. A fight ensued, Dad tried to escape to his man cave, Mom made the mistake of barging in to continue the fight while he was trying to calm down, Dad erupted in 25 years worth of pent up rage.

A can of cat food…

18. From user WHATS_WITH

The day she showed up with a boob job and new boyfriend. I wanted to sue for the right one, but my lawyer didn’t like that idea. I wanted my half!