Adele Addresses Her Divorce From Her Husband On Social Media With The Most Appropriate Meme

Singer Adele—queen of the heartbreak songs—has recently announced she and her husband are getting a divorce. After dating for eight years and being married for three, she and Simon Konecki, are going their separate ways.

While the couple has not issued a public statement on the divorce and explain why, a source told Elle that it has to do with her work schedule.

“They had a lot in common early on, but eventually they just grew apart. She became a bigger and bigger star, and he was okay [with] being in the background, but as she got bigger and had massive tours and intense schedules, they just grew apart.”

Us Weekly

Many fans are expected Adele to now drop the most gutwrenching album of all time—one that every woman could use in their life.

And, while she has not dropped any new music just yet—Adele responded to the public news of her divorce with the most appropriate meme I’ve ever seen on social media. Shared on Instagram, the singer posted a side-by-side of herself, comparing her emotional state at this given time.

People online were floored and absolutely in love with Adele meme-ing herself during this trying time in her life.

I guess we stan the latest meme queen—and, cannot wait for that breakup album to bump.